TerraTrax has packages available that make it possible for our customers to track a wide variety of inventory with customized reporting schedules.

Improve your asset security, using a combination of asset tracking and Custom Geofences in TerraTrax it's easy to know when something has been moved or removed (e.g. Traffic signs used on highway construction projects). As projects progress, assets may eventually be relocated great distances away from where they were located originally. It is not uncommon to lose many hours in productivity due to lost equipment and human error.

Locating Non-Powered Assets is important, however any asset that has it's own Gas or Diesel Engine should also be monitored for engine maintenance. Using tracking devices that are connected to the asset engine and set up in the Preventative Maintenance Module, equipment managers can now easily locate every item and ensure that maintenance schedules are met. Knowing in advance which assets require service allows technicians to prepare and assemble the correct parts if needed, long before heading into the field.