The word "Construction" is used to describe a broad range of work, from building roads to erecting buildings. Construction companies utilize a wide variety of equipment, more than any other industry, in so many diverse areas of the world yet there have been very few options when it came to tracking all assets in one view. MAXtrax was designed and built to work with a wide variety of tracking devices and wireless carriers. We bring everything into one system, dispatchers no longer have to look at two or three pages or screens to track where all your equipment is located. No matter what kind of construction service your company provides you can monitor your assets, fleet vehicles, and heavy equipment. Knowing where everything is in relation to other assets classes at a glance provides a means of dispatching the closest vehicle, knowing how long an assets has been on site, ensuring employees take the most efficient routes to job sites, and so much more but MAXtrax also provides various reports which offer accounting departments a means to verify several items such as time on site and distance travelled in different provinces.

We know that some equipment is seasonal and can often times be left in different yards. We've heard from customers that simply keeping paper records tracking where these assets have been stationed isn't enough. Let MAXtrax bring everything into view and never miss place another piece of equipment.

Being able to locate assets is only part of the service MAXtrax provides. We keep hearing about the challenges equipment managers have ensuring that regular maintenance is carried out on time and the difficulty they have knowing when assets which have been in the field for months require service. We've created a Preventative Maintenance Module designed to provide fleet managers the ability to track virtually every any service requirement plus know in Advance when service is required. We provide Preventative Maintenance Module is part of the monthly service, no extra charges like some of our competitors.

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