Asset tags for powered machinery are used on equipment that is considered inventory rather than rolling stock. These are pieces of equipment that are towed to a given location and don't move often but are still of great enough value to justify monitoring regularly. As these machines have onboard engines it’s vital to know the asset's operating hours along with its location. Asset tags used on this type of inventory are connected to various points on the engine providing data on engine hours and in some cases hours for other on board functions. Reporting for these assets occurs up to 4 times per day or as little as once a day. Each report contains information to satisfy both operations managers and personnel in charge of maintaining the equipment.

Rental assets often pose a problem, accurately tracking engine hours when deployed in the field for months. This may occur for various reasons. Using asset tags to monitor mileage, engine hours, or both allows fleet managers to schedule when service personnel should be visiting these assets to perform service. Our Advanced Preventative Maintenance Module offers the ability to receive advance notice based on user settings for Time (yearly inspections), Mileage, Engine hours, and PTO/SMU hours or a combination of all four.

Because the assets may not be started frequently enough to keep the asset battery charged, all asset tags for this type of service have their own internal batteries. Tags for powered assets are rechargeable and will charge when an asset engine is started. These tags provide notification when the asset battery is low and when their internal batteries are near end of their life as well.

To ensure we can monitor the many different types of assets our clients use, local or word-wide, we offer several hardware choices.

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Powered Assets, while not being fleet, still amount for a very large portion of an organizations equipment budget. Keeping track of these assets whereabouts is important but equally important is being able to service them on time.