Very few of our competitors accept feedback let alone implement changes based on what their customers ask for. At MAXtrax we encourage feedback.

Many of our customers have previously used GPS Tracking provided by competitors but wanted much more than could be granted to them. MAXtrax was designed to implement features as they are requested, not top-down compulsion to utilize a system only as provided. In some cases, turnover time from user suggestion to implemented reality has been less than half an hour. When we offer new features and updates, they are available system-wide immediately; our customers are constantly discovering new features which very often compliment the way they operate. Because updates are system-wide we only charge for custom integration to a customer’s own administration system. MAXtrax is one of only a very few GPS tracking services which will perform this level of administration system connectivity. Areas of complexity that our competitors avoid... we excel at.

Asset tracking doesn't mean the same thing to every customer. While some may require knowing where their assets are located once a day or once a week others require far more detail. MAXtrax was built to provide users the option of having their reporting schedule customized. This means that we work with each customer and build a reporting schedule that meets their needs. Please talk to your MAXtrax Reseller to discuss frequent reporting options and costs.

Customizable options include:

  • Frequency of reporting when moving at city and high way speeds
  • Excessive idle
  • Driver behavior
  • Inventory reporting, once or twice a day if the asset is not traveling
  • Corners
  • U-Turns
  • Real time reporting (may require a larger data package with a resultant higher monthly fee)
  • Asset tag maintenance reporting schedule for engine and PTO/SMU hours

This is a sampling of the available reporting features, please talk with your TerraTrax Reseller for more details.

For a nominal fee we can integrate specialized customer-supplied maps. Many clients require greater detail than is available through the regular satellite image providers. In these cases unique road mapping is required. MAXtrax was built to accommodate virtually every kind of mapping requirement. The addition of proprietary maps require special processing which may require a few days to complete. Being able to use aerial or other specialized mapping with MAXtrax provides our customers with the unique ability to see exactly where their mobile assets are in relation to location-specific terrain or details. This can be extremely useful when talking to and passing on driving details to personnel not familiar with any given area.

As with other integration options available in MAXtrax, map integration should be coordinated in conjunction with your IT and or GIS people in order to develop a solution that meets and exceeds your requirements.

Many users of fleet management services already have hardware that they are comfortable with but find the software they're using to be lacking in features and functionality or the costs is too high.


One of our strengths is that we will for a one time nominal fee* integrate new hardware into the system.


This gives MAXtrax a very strong position when compared to our competitors. Features that were available on one system were often un-available or laid out differently on a different system, a good source of confusion for anyone tasked with the job of dispatching.

Not all of our competitors include cellular and satellite based units on the same software interface. In the past this meant that clients had to subscribe to different systems and view devices on different screens. This leads to confusion and frustration which contributes to reduced performance and dispatcher burnout.

* Each request to integrate customer owned equipment and associated cost is handled on a case by case basis.

As administration programs, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and ASM (asset management systems) grow more powerful we are often asked if MAXtrax can be integrated into an existing back-end service. The short answer is yes. TerraTrax was built on a platform that simplifies integration to third party applications.

Many organizations today have a light fleet and heavy equipment fleet. The heavy equipment manufacturers offer proprietary systems for monitoring not only location but also engine performance and service requirements. Our software developers are able to offer integration of these proprietary systems into MAXtrax giving the user access to all of their assets in one system. This integration can also be taken to another level and information on all of the organization assets, light and heavy, can be integrated into the clients back-end administration program.

MAXtrax is a hosted solution and we understand that not every large organization or government/military customer will go with a hosted solution. We can provide licensing prices for these large clients so that they can have their own internal system that allows them to keep all records in house. There will of course be specific hardware requirements that must be met and will need to be considered when considering costs. Our developer team will work with you IT department to evaluate your total requirements and then provide details on costing and time lines.

Our competitors will mention integration into third party applications but our developers have been integrating TerraTrax into complex administration programs for years, it's what we do on a regular basis.

Because of the variety of systems in use today each request for integration is handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us, and provide as much detail as possible about your system, via e-mail at

Our development team will contact you or you're designated IT personnel to establish what the project requirements are and together with you determine the scope of work required, then provide you with a detailed plan and costing.