Every aspect of MAXtrax has been developed with the business user in mind. Our Preventative Maintenance Module was designed in conjunction with automotive service faculties specializing in fleet service as well as by heavy equipment operators themselves. Our reports have been built to reflect and anticipate the needs of our clients.

We look for feedback that allows our system to keep growing in a way reflects how you, the end-user, requires it to work.

Our customers have asked for comprehensive reporting relative to their assets’ activities. While knowing where your various fleets are in an instant is important, there are many reasons why historical data is also extremely important (e.g., safety compliance). TerraTrax makes current and historical data available for the user to download, in seven different file formats. Store information locally on your own systems for later use.

Offering specialized maps for specfic usage, and custom mapping (such as aerial views) has provided many of our clients with the kinds of customization that our competitors were unable to provide, at a non-prohibitive price-point, if at all.

Our developers are constantly adding new alert types, from Exceeding Allowed Tolerance Over The Posted Limit and Equipment Tampering to Unauthorized Movement.. We listen to our customers and add those items of convenience which are important to you. We avoid features that only make our service cosmetically attractive (bling) and instead focus on what fleet owners really need.

Everything we do at MAXtrax is centered around the way businesses operate, the way they manage their fleets because YOU CAN'T MANAGE WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE!