Owners of Medium and Large fleets often have requirements which small vehicle fleets never encounter. Oiled field and construction companies operate a range of vehicles that are used to perform services. Mounted equipment can range from vacuum pumps, hydraulically operated lifts, cranes, cement pumps, and a multitude of other hardware. Doors open or closed, lights on, trailer connected, and dozens of other less complex connections are easily brought back to, and displayed on, a dispatcher or owners computer. TerraTrax offers a wide range of monitoring options. Because every company may have different names or labels for connected items, we allow the customer to create user specific labels which can then be applied to the items being monitored. Reports can be generated showing the usage of the various connections that administrator find useful for billing and maintenance purposes. Connectivity is easy and we go over a customer’s requirements before installations take place so that wiring or any special connections are done at the same time as the installation.

Our Preventative Maintenance Module was designed for use by companies regardless of fleet size. One of the things we hear most often when talking to fleet managers is their frustration with not knowing what the actual mileage or hours are on equipment when it gets busy, they often have no indication if a vehicle is coming up for service. Our Preventative Maintenance Module was designed to provide alerts before service is required allowing managers to schedule service in advance. As service is performed and checked off in TerraTrax this completed service can then be forwarded to administration personnel responsible tracking maintenance.

From Satellite Fall Back to Closed System Wi-Fi connectivity, large fleets often require specialized tracking hardware which TerraTrax provides. We've partnered with equipment manufacturers that are leaders in the industry so that we can provide cutting edge technology to our customers and stay ahead of competitors.

You can't manage what you cant see.