The rugged and versatile Garmin® Nuvi GPS devices make excellent dispatch consoles. Loaded with features and easy to use these consoles are a common site in many vehicles with many drivers having experience using them. MAXtrax allows for the use of all Garmin® FMI (Fleet Management Integration) ready consoles to be used allowing dispatchers to send both Text Messages and Destinations to drivers. By sending Destinations to drivers, the need to use standard voice communication such as cell phones and tow-way radios is reduced and driver safety enhanced. New Messages or Destinations can be opened any time the vehicle is stopped eliminating the need for drivers to answer calls while moving or worse yet, trying to write down details while driving.

Equipped with the PatchMaps™ Oilfield Mapping data these Garmin’s are even more powerful putting several search items in the cab with drivers further reducing the need for voice communications.

Garmin® Dispatch Main Screen


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Live demonstrations are often possible showing both the MAXtrax interface with Dispatch and in vehicle Garmin display.


Garmin FMI Consoles

Not all Garmin® devices are capable of being used for dispatch purposes. Please see Garmin® FMI page for a list of capable devices. Pricing varies by model and display size. Contact you're MAXtrax Reseller for deatails.