For a nominal fee we can integrate specialized maps including hi-resolution aerial maps into the system. These map options are then user selectable and limited to the client that has provided them. While common satellite imagery can generally provide usable detail, they are in some cases many years out of date or just not detailed enough. Things happen fast and not being able to see what the terrain looks like can cause frustration and lost man hours. Being able to use aerial or other specialized road mapping with the tracking system offers clients the unique ability to see exactly where their mobile assets are in relation to location specific terrain details, or points of interest. This can be extremely useful when talking to and passing on driving details to personnel not familiar with the area

This provides another way clients can leverage the MAXtrax ability to customize the service to meet their needs. Dispatchers can now view one service to locate their mobile assets or use other information on the screen for the day to day operations of the company.

Aerial Imagery

Navigation Tool

The MAXtrax Navigation Tool allows users to quickly change map options such as Road Map, Satellite View, Hybrid Satellite View with roads, or Patchmaps Oilfeild Mapping.

Users can quickly adjust map view elevation to various levels by clicking on the zoom bars, turn Geofences or Points of Interest on (or off) and clear all items from the map.