Assets that do not have an onboard engine are typically referred to as non-powered. While some assets such as construction shacks may be hooked up to power while on site, they do not generally have an internal (engine) battery which can be used to power an asset tag while the asset is not running on 110/240V power. For inventory items such as these there are battery powered devices, both Cellular and Satellite, that can be deployed to keep these assets on the map.

Asset tags for class are typically set to report daily, weekly, or monthly depending on individual customer needs so that as assets are moved from one site or yard to another their whereabouts remain known. As these are battery-powered devices, less frequent reporting translates into longer battery life. We work with our customers to ensure the reporting schedules meets with their organization’s needs. When the internal batteries are low the devices are programmed to send in a low battery alert. In most devices the batteries are field replaceable. Some devices utilize standard "AA" batteries while others have device-specific batteries which provide a longer lifespan.

For more information on the different devices and the relationship between frequency of reporting and battery life, please contact your MAXtrax reseller.

Typical non-powered assets include:

  • Pipe Tubs
  • Oilfied Rental Tanks
  • Construction Shacks and Trailers
  • Mud Tanks
  • Mixing Tanks
  • Centrifuge - Shaker
  • Degassers
  • Boiler Buildings
  • Water Tanks
  • Low Boy, Semi-Trailers, Dump Trailers
  • Shipping Containers
  • Horse Trailers
  • Conveyors
  • Mobile Traffic Signs
  • Any inventory item that gets moved from location to location