Governmental policy dictates that all radio transmitting devices must be turned off when in proximity of any explosives. Fracking operations, using explosives down-hole to fracture (perforate) the area around the well bottom - in an effort to release more gas or oil - is becoming more common. It has become of vital importance to ensure that any GPS-tracked vehicle is capable of shutting down the cellular/satellite transceiver. This function is commonly referred to as a PERF switch.

Working with manufacturer's engineers we've developed a system that allows a complete hardware shut down of Cellular and Satellite transceivers. The driver simply activates a switch which starts the procedure of properly shuttingdown the modem(s) and disconnecting from the carrier. A visible indicator (LED) comes on to let the driver know when the transceiver(s) has actually been shut down. When leaving the site, the driver then resets the switch to return the GPS modem to normal operation. In the event that the driver does not reset the switch after leaving a site, we've created a sophisticated program where the GPS hardware senses that it is no longer at the site, rather it has moved out of the danger area allowing it to return to normal service while the driver is alerted via the flashing LED that they need to reset the activation switch.