At MAXtrax we offer the ability for companies that would like to get into the AVL market a quick and profitable option to spending considerable amounts of money and time to develop their own system. We offer you the ability to make residual income on clients you activate on our service immediately and at up to ten times the value most cellular carriers pay out. Our service was built on the concept that it functions with all carriers, terrestrial and satellite, and with multiple different hardware devices. We want it to be as flexible as your clients need it to be. We also wanted to take this a step further. Through years of experience providing AVL solutions to clients we have discovered that many companies now want to take the ROI they receive and grow it by integrating the AVL tracking software into their own back end systems such as accounting and inventory control. Every integration project is different and in most cases possible. Now you can offer your clients more than ever before while earning larger residuals. If you're looking to add asset tracking to your offerings or are now selling a service that you're not pleased with, you need to contact us. We look for resellers that are able to offer MAXtrax to compliment existing products and services. To get started, please complete and submit our Reseller Inquiry form. Once we have your information we'll contact you and provide more details. We look for organizations that are capable of technical sales and installations and then supporting the end users on any hardware related matters. Some installations can be complex with multiple inputs and outputs to monitor asset performance or alert operators of conditions that require immediate attention. Dual mode, satellite and cellular, system installations also offer challenges that require trained technicians to install the system correctly. Also in this category are systems that provide Working Alone monitoring and Man Down reporting. -Our resellers must operate from a bricks and mortar store front with an installation bay. -Possess an understanding of vehicle tracking systems. -Sales personnel with an understanding of vehicle tracking systems. -Technical personnel on staff who are able to install and perform minor service. -We provide training on our software, however you will require trained sales people and technicians to perform the above duties. We know not every client will use the same amount of data for every vehicle in their fleet so we offer flexible packages with a choice of carriers that can be tailored to your clients' requirements. Hardware reporting is customizable and within limitations done at no charge. We offer a wide array of reports to meet your clients' needs that reflect how they operate rather than sell them on the idea that they should operate their business around the way a particular system works. We're your one point of contact for quality service, second to none software, hardware choices, and multiple carrier networks. Need back end integration for a client? Please contact us for more information. About us MAXtrax is a progressive company that exists for one reason - to provide a means for organizations to make the most of their fleet resources by utilizing the best in class asset Fleet Management System available. Our focus after spending years in the vehicle tracking business has been to find an option for companies looking to provide a tracking service without spending large sums of money and time to develop world class software. We are not partnered with one single carrier. This allows our resellers to activate devices on any network and have it report to MAXtrax. Resellers are often established cellular carrier dealers and therefore can't sell devices or services on different networks. Often this means that these dealers have to walk away from a sale. We can offer a work around solution to allow resellers the ability to capture as many sales as possible. If you're interested in becoming part of the next wave of GPS Fleet Tracking Services, please provide us with information on your organization and let's get started - Reseller Contact Form